Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells Reviewed - Are They Worth It?



Bowflex Selecttech - I believed that they would function as slam dunk choice for any exercise buff with a little discretionary income when I first saw the ads for Bowflex 552 SelectTech dumbbells. For me personally, I thought: I do not have plenty of space to play with in my spot and that i adore the revolutionary manner these dumbbells are put together.


Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbell - As I began my research, however, I saw a number of remarks in regards to the tough-plastic locks being broken and I believed that what sounded like a design defect would have been a deal breaker for me. After all I didn't like the chance of a plate falling loose unexpectedly - that could damage!


 (I noticed among the enthusiasts propose that Bowflex/Nautilus needs to have made the entire thing from steel to avoid dilemmas using the locks, but it is likely a shift like that would have created the dumb-bells higher priced.)


 I'd like to tell you more about the main pros as well as cons that I contemplated other compared to the lock dilemma.


The Pros


A huge benefit of using these dumbbells is the capacity to alter the weights within minutes. Set the dumbbell down (better on its stand) and you can fix the weight in 2.5 pound increments quite fast just by turning a knob to the face of the dumb-bell to the amount you would like to lift.


Yes, it is as simple as 1. dial the newest weight, 2. lift and 3. the correct weights are automatically picked and added to the dumb-bell.


Meaning that there is no more any need to possess several pairs of weights to complete your work-outs.


For those of us with little spaces, that means less area being adopted in your bedroom or den or wherever you workout. You possess the equivalent of a huge weight set in a considerably smaller bundle.


Let's discuss about aesthetics. Truthfully these dumbbells merely look really trendy. They look like space-age inventions - the slick enjoyment design merely reeks of contemporary electronic gadgetry. This will certainly ratchet your coolness aspect up a notch - even assuming that it's only in your head and no one else sees your cool dumbbells.


Next, the hand grips feel durable and really comfortable in your palms even without gloves. They are constructed with caoutchouc, maybe not the textured alloy so blisters and callouses shouldn't be an problem.


The Cons


Obviously the biggest detractor is the price, but then I rationalized - itis not too bad in case you evaluate getting a dozen different dumbbells instead. It's worth it in the space you save, the portability of the dumbbells and also the time you save instead of putting a dozen dumbbells neatly away.


Yet another matter is that exactly because of the design, the dumbbells are consistently bulky even when you're lifting light weights. Basically the spaces for the heavier weights continue to be on the pole, even when you're not utilizing them. Not a massive deal, but something to get accustomed to as the span might get in the method for some exercises.


All in all however, these dumbbells seem like an excellent choice for the most part. My wish-list? I expect that Nautilus/Bowflex finds a way to make the form-factor of the dumbbell even scaled-down (slimmer, more compact plates?) - now that will create a fantastic product even more alluring.

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